Aardvark Park Pre​-​EP

by Aardvark Park

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released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Aardvark Park Cornelia, Georgia

Rock N Roll band from Northeast Georgia.

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Track Name: All I've Ever Seen
You beat all I've ever seen,
talking down to me
like i don't know what it's like to have dreams.

I've seen the lights downtown
and I've poured sweat on that stage
but good songs changed their sound
and we all just fade away in memories

well tonight, we're gonna do all we can
to make you feel alive in this godforsaken town

everyone is a musician, that don't mean
they know how to play songs that make us want to
be ourselves. So we hammer out our chords
and do our own thing but it's all been done before or
so it seems.
Track Name: Higher Advantage
You can scream your orders
and your accusations.
You are out of line.
You don't have your information down, Well..

No time to argue, no time to run, you've got
the hammer and I've got the gun.

You must have been so surprised to see
I'm not buying anything you say to me.
I'm not taking this from you,
I'm just firing back
Track Name: 18 Made Me
Well October came and my the leaves had changed
and everything was different around here. So I decided to
go along and change myself as well.

18 made me a man, I can handle life I swear I can.

Well October came and my age had changed and I bought
myself some cigarettes. I lit one up then I spit it out
cause they killed a man it's hard to live without.

Well October came and I found a girl,
I've been with her ever since. She deserves much more
than me so I try to love her the best I can

And if 18 made me a man, responsibility made me an adult.
Track Name: Nothin' To Do
Well that transfer truck keeps crossing the line
you know how my temper flies.
I just want to make it there tonight,
to kiss your lips and hold you tight.

well, I'm sorry about my attitude,
it ain't got nothin' to do with you.
it's the southbound traffic on 85,
it's a northbound struggle to stay alive around here.

my accelerator is pressed to the floor,
you know how my outbursts are.
I just wanna be there with you now
but I can't slow down.

we're all racing to get somewhere I guess,
we all put our hearts at risk to make it there.
Track Name: Everyday Grind
Suit up in that navy blue and head on
down the road with you to a place where
we don't wanna be..singin'...

I don't wanna go to work again

Dress up in khaki pants and forfeit all my summer plans
earn some cash and gain

when will my life start picking up?
I'm just a kid with grown up dreams.